Moonfall presents its HUD

One of the most important aspects of every modern game is a head-up display, which most of us know as the acronym HUD. This feature gives players an immediate overview of his health, munitions, map or for example in case of racing games also the position in the race, without having to open a menu and divided the gameplay into pieces. This is particularly true for dynamic and fast games that would be harmed by not having a visible HUD.


Indicators of life and mana

Given that Moonfall is an action RPG containing various skills, life energy, mana energy and an open-ended level design, it is necessary for players to have everything needed immediately visible during the actual gameplay. Therefore, not only that the game’s HUD contains everything mentioned in the previous sentence, it also shows the buttons which are skills activated by.


Unlocked skills

On the top left corner there are indicators of health and mana, unlocked skills are located in the middle of the top side and on the top right corner there is a mini-map. Below the mini-map is located a short list of active quests. The HUD is designed the way so it does not prevent a player from a comfortable playing, but on the other hand it is not too small neither.



Last but not least, the HUD in Moonfall will be able to be turned off, which can be suitable for those who like to make screenshots or to have a bigger challenge.

Moonfall is an action RPG that focuses on both gaming perspectives of the genre, the player’s skill in real-time and increasing the character’s abilities in the game through the ability points designated for the development of the talents and skills. The game’s system  is based on the traditional style of filling an experience indicator after killing enemies and completing quests. The ability points can be assigned into three talents – strength, mind power and agility – while each of them affects different atributes of the game character.


♦ Strength affects damage dealt by the player, the amount of HP and the rate of HP regeneration

♦ Mind power affects the efficiency of magic attacks. the amount of MP and the rate of MP regeneration

♦Agility affects a chance of the critical strike, the armor value and reduction of critical strikes dealt by the enemies

At the beginning of the game the player have to choose one of three classes, specifically Vanguard, Elemental Engineer and Shadow, while each class has four different active abilities and six supporting abilities, that can be improved further. However, the player cannot unlock the supporting abilities freely, but only after he unlocked the previous abilities related to the specific one he wants to unlock at the moment.

dash attack

Loot is a traditional part of every RPG genre and Moonfall is no exception. Loot can be found in the enviroment on the ground, in chests or may drop out of dead enemies. There are several kinds of loot, for example HP potions, mana potions, vials filled with lunarium used as the game’s currency or various kinds of weapons, armours and supporting accessories such as rings and so on. Overall, Moonfall provides more than 80 various items with different statistics.

Moonfall is not designed as a RPG game with deep role-playing roots like for example the Baldur’s Gate series, but the RPG elements in the game are used as a means for enhancing the gameplay and the hack’n‘ slash style of combat. The role-playing and class systems should provide the necessary variability and an opportunity for replayability.

Fest Anča is an international festival of animated film that has been taking place in Slovakia since 2008 and is considered the most prestigious festival of its kind in our country. Our artist namely Štefan Niktulinec attended with his co-developers this competition last year representing a game Zen Duckies. Their impressive performance had captivated a panel of judges and the audience which resulted in amazing winning the first place. This is evidence of high professionalism, commitment and exceptional abilities of Štefan Niktulinec in his field.


Excellent success was recorded by Michal Harčár, Štefan Niktulinec and Boris Rédli together as a team as well. They attended an event called Bratislava Game Jam, during which young creators presented their little games developed on the ground within 48 hours. Our talents had definitely not lost amongst the others, since they won the main prize with their game Sprout. The Redbull website also ranked this game among the best free games of 2016.

This great news just confirms that although Moonfall is an indie game, it is made by professionals and young talented artists who are undoubtedly destined for a bright future.

The Moonfall team is therefore extremely proud of its employees, who not only that successfully represented themselves and our Fishcow studio, but also proved that if a person applies himself to something and puts his heart into it, one day he will be paid off by a great success.

Congratulations and a big thank you guys, great job!


Štefan Niktulinec sitting at the laptop and laughing (Fest Anča 2016)


Michal Harčár and Štefan Niktulinec in our office working on Moonfall


Sprout – the best game of Bratislava Game Jam 2016


Zen Duckies – the best game of Fest Anča Game Jam 2016

The known part of the world of Tera Nihill was inhabited by several empires that have existed in perfect symbiosis for centuries. Some of them were larger than others, some were smaller, some were more developed and some were developing more slowly. Despite these differences, peace and stability have been maintained in those empires by efforts and wisdom of their kings.

One of those smaller ones was an empire situated in the east side of the continent. Even since the very beginning, during which the whole land was covered only in separated settlements, strong and valiant leaders headed its people. The very first one named Adelmund united all the tribes and developed a writing system. His son, whose name was Ansgar, continued in his footsteps and initiated compulsory education, while the third king in a row named Kalle, the son of Ansgar, enacted the first basic human rights.


The empire had many kings, in one case even now already a legendary queen Ruperta, whose power about as ten bulls was a background for many legends known till these days. The land was a witness to a lot of destinies and heroic deeds, but as for now, let us move straight to the penultimate king, whose name was Lorand III., also known as Lorand III. the Great, the son of Delbert IV., whose decision has brought the empire to the long awaited times of great advancement.

The sovereign Lorand III. had his wife Deloise which gave birth to two sons, Ellard and Thelonius. Both were looking to him with respect and humility. Lorand III. ruled righteously and benignantly and that is why he was so popular and enjoyed by the people and the royal court. Given the fact that he loved his land, he could no longer look at the misery of the least developed parts of the empire and the very slow development of the most prosperous ones, therefore he had summoned the greatest wise men, mostly alchemists, who after many years of experimentation and research invented an element capable to make life in the empire easier and help the land to the advanced development. They named it Lunarium.


A flask of Lunarium

Lunarium is a mixture of synthetic oils and natural ingredients enriched with radioactive rays collected from Moon’s radiation through huge towers called Lunarium Gathering Devices. This element brought an unlimited source of light and heat and thanks to it the empire was quickly able to bring feeble industry and the commercial sector back to life. Lunarium was manufactured in special factories mainly by volunteers and prisoners and delivered to the whole empire through a complicated network of infinitely long pipes and reservoirs. The empire was experiencing its best period at that time.

One day, the royal family was hit by a tragedy. To these days still an unknown offender took advantage of the situation, that Lorand III. was participating in a traditional hunt, overcame the high walls of the castle and murdered the queen Deloise. This unfortunate event has hit hard the entire land and the royal court, but especially Thelonius, who loved his mother more than anything.


A Lunarium Gathering Device

Not so long after the murder of Deloise, the empire was hit by another terrible fate. Ellard, the son of Lorand III. the Great, was found dead on a path leading to the neighboring empire. He was travelling there with a couple of ambassadors in order to present the might of Lunarium and offer it as an opportunity for further development. His death is still being shrouded by mystery, since even though the official results of the investigation says about an unfortunate incident, several clues found on the scene indicates that it was an another murder related to the royal family.

Those times were too difficult for Lorand III. to handle and due to them he fell ill. His illness was so serious that he could no longer continue as a ruler of his land and so knighted Thelonius as a new king. Thelonius continued in the father’s footsteps and was advancing in development of the empire. Beside that, he also used Lunarium in order to make the army stronger and also developed a special military unit, so called Lunomancers, but that all was against the will of his father, the former king. Thelonius has defended his decision aiming on the protection of the empire and the magical element from a potential invasion of armies of the other empires which could plan an attack in order to gain Lunarium by violence and terror.

On January 21, 1298 Lorand III. the Great died and soon after that Thelonius was appointed as a supreme commander of the military units. The Empire has began to write its new chapter.


A Lunomancer with a strange device on his back