Successes of our artists developing Moonfall

Fest Anča is an international festival of animated film that has been taking place in Slovakia since 2008 and is considered the most prestigious festival of its kind in our country. Our artist namely Štefan Niktulinec attended with his co-developers this competition last year representing a game Zen Duckies. Their impressive performance had captivated a panel of judges and the audience which resulted in amazing winning the first place. This is evidence of high professionalism, commitment and exceptional abilities of Štefan Niktulinec in his field.


Excellent success was recorded by Michal Harčár, Štefan Niktulinec and Boris Rédli together as a team as well. They attended an event called Bratislava Game Jam, during which young creators presented their little games developed on the ground within 48 hours. Our talents had definitely not lost amongst the others, since they won the main prize with their game Sprout. The Redbull website also ranked this game among the best free games of 2016.

This great news just confirms that although Moonfall is an indie game, it is made by professionals and young talented artists who are undoubtedly destined for a bright future.

The Moonfall team is therefore extremely proud of its employees, who not only that successfully represented themselves and our Fishcow studio, but also proved that if a person applies himself to something and puts his heart into it, one day he will be paid off by a great success.

Congratulations and a big thank you guys, great job!


Štefan Niktulinec sitting at the laptop and laughing (Fest Anča 2016)


Michal Harčár and Štefan Niktulinec in our office working on Moonfall


Sprout – the best game of Bratislava Game Jam 2016


Zen Duckies – the best game of Fest Anča Game Jam 2016