Martin Bačo, co-founder of Fishcow Studio, has written a blog article about his dreams – dreams that have been pushing him further since he first thought about them. He has opened his heart and expressed his feelings about hard times during the developmenet of Moonfall and problems that usually occur regarding small indie studios.

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I love brawlers, for example Castle Crashers that I often play. I also like the RTS genre, especially the Command & Conquer series. I also like reading, traveling and education. Well, it was during my studies at the university, when I with my friend Martin Horváth, a great programmer, decided to make my own game. To be honest, although I was exciting about this idea, I really didn’t know where to start. I had tried to create some concepts, but none of them was good. The only thing I knew that I would do is a genre – I wanted to make a point-and-click adventure.

Gomo – the first game developed by Fishcow Studio


Removed locations from Moonfall


Development of video games is not a fixed sequence of ideas but a dynamic system, which lives its own life. A skeleton of the process must be set, but then it is just all up to momentary fantasy of the creators that many time re-creates the original ideas and brings entirely new ones as they go along.

Development of Moonfall was no exception and we also had to cut. Today we introduce you to three locations that had to be canceled – Cave, Mountain pass and Farmers’ field.

The whole blog article can be found on the official Moonfall website.

Correctly chosen level design in a game is one of the most crucial and difficult questions that need to be clearly defined during development. One is to have a head full of ideas and the other the ability to transform the ideas into reality, since not every idea can be realized at the moment and not every idea looking good on paper looks good in the game as well.


For better understanding of how the design works in Moonfall, we compared the game’s level design with the design of genre-related titles Golden Axe,  and Street of Rage 2…

The whole blog article can be found on the official Moonfall website.

Moonfall is on Steam Greenlight!


We can finally proudly announce that our campaign on Greenlight has just been launched. In honor to his great news we also prepared a whole new gameplay trailer mainly focused on combat and exploring.

If you are interested, you can find our Greenlight page here and if you like our game, we would be grateful for your thump up.

Thank you very much!

We have also launched a new official website, where you can find details about the RPG system, combat, enemies, lore and the overall gameplay. Just click Moonfall – Action RPG and enjoy reading. We hope, you will like the new design and texts.

Moonfall is a hand-painted 2D action RPG set in an industrial gothic world with dark atmosphere. It consists of several open-ended levels, three classes to choose from, many unique active and passive abilities, numerous amount of main and side quests, dozens of weapons and armors and over 60 types of enemies.