Fest Anča is an international festival of animated film that has been taking place in Slovakia since 2008 and is considered the most prestigious festival of its kind in our country. Our artist namely Štefan Niktulinec attended with his co-developers this competition last year representing a game Zen Duckies. Their impressive performance had captivated a panel of judges and the audience which resulted in amazing winning the first place. This is evidence of high professionalism, commitment and exceptional abilities of Štefan Niktulinec in his field.


Excellent success was recorded by Michal Harčár, Štefan Niktulinec and Boris Rédli together as a team as well. They attended an event called Bratislava Game Jam, during which young creators presented their little games developed on the ground within 48 hours. Our talents had definitely not lost amongst the others, since they won the main prize with their game Sprout. The Redbull website also ranked this game among the best free games of 2016.

This great news just confirms that although Moonfall is an indie game, it is made by professionals and young talented artists who are undoubtedly destined for a bright future.

The Moonfall team is therefore extremely proud of its employees, who not only that successfully represented themselves and our Fishcow studio, but also proved that if a person applies himself to something and puts his heart into it, one day he will be paid off by a great success.

Congratulations and a big thank you guys, great job!


Štefan Niktulinec sitting at the laptop and laughing (Fest Anča 2016)


Michal Harčár and Štefan Niktulinec in our office working on Moonfall


Sprout – the best game of Bratislava Game Jam 2016


Zen Duckies – the best game of Fest Anča Game Jam 2016

Let’s celebrate with us!

Dear fans and friends of Fishcow,

Today is a special day in Fishcow history that we shall properly celebrate in our office.

Exactly five years ago, we founded our humble studio! Initial reactions from our surroundings were not exactly enthusiastic, there were many sceptics who predicted a miserable failure after just a few weeks, or questioned our dedication and our passion to make games without much of experience. They were right in a certain way, it was very challenging to make our first game, but we were too stubborn to give up. Our stubbornness and passion were our weapons in a fight against all odds, and after 29 months of hard work it finally happened – Gomo was born to become a hero.

Fishcow Birthday!Now it’s been five years and we are still here! We’d like to propose a toast to all the dedicated people who don’t give up on their dreams, and of course, a toast to you, our dear community – without you, we wouldn’t be where we are now!

P.S.: We know we’ve been teasing something for quite some time now and many of you are patiently waiting for the news. Our initial plan was to “reveal the secret” today, however we aren’t yet ready to share the news with you now. We think that you deserve to be presented with the best we can offer – therefore we’ll do the big unveiling in our next blog post. Stay tuned!

We’re still here!

Dear fans and friends of Fishcow,

It’s hard to find the right words to begin with. Recently, I’ve been going through the old blogs on our website. The last one was from May 31th, 2014. It’s a pity that our website hasn’t been updated in almost two years. Even more so, that we’ve neglected you, our community, and haven’t talked about what’s been happening behind the scenes, whether we still even existed as a studio, what we were working on, etc. There’s plenty that I’d like to tell you about this period, and I’ll try to make it short in this blog.

Let’s start with Gomo

I’ve just realized that our first game, Gomo, was released on December 6th, 2013. Almost two and half years ago – if it was a child, it would be walking and talking by now!

Some of you were asking whether we plan to make a sequel. The truth is that even we don’t know. Right now, we are focusing on something else, so there are no plans for a sequel in the foreseeable future.

Others wanted to know whether Gomo was successful, financially or otherwise. I can say that it was definitely worth it, even if we didn’t get rich. As inexperienced students, we had made quite a lot of mistakes during Gomo’s development, which cost us considerable amount of time, but we’ve gained a lot of valuable experience, some important contacts in the industry, and we’ve earned some money to compensate for all the efforts. We’re also quite happy about the sales numbers, as we’ve crossed 50k sold copies. By all means, we have set realistic expectations for Gomo and they’ve all been exceeded.

Our dream was to port Gomo to mobile, however our development process and choice of incompatible software basically scrapped the option before we even seriously started thinking about it. Porting Gomo would’ve meant to redraw, reanimate and reprogram the whole game from scratch.

gomo progress
Gomo in early development stages. Do you recognize the level?

Last 2 and half years

After we released Gomo, we’ve set a new goal – to make a great game which can make it in the big world outside.

As we’ve gained experience and some capital, thanks to Gomo, we were in a good position to start working on new ideas. We’ve begun to develop and try out several new concepts, before deciding which one to turn into a proper game. Long story short, we have made several “alphas” before August 2015, which were quite good, but not satisfactory. I’ll write more about these concepts, and show some of our work in progress, in following posts.

Last but not least, we’ve modernized and updated both our website and our logo. By the way, the logo is already one-year-old! 🙂

How to finish this?

I can say that we’ve always been around and now we’re back in full force. We haven’t stopped working on games, even for a moment, and we’re following up on our dream – to make the best game from Slovakia. Now, I can proudly say that we’re working on our upcoming game since August 2015. Official reveal coming soon!

Sincerely yours,
Martin Bačo
CEO @ Fishcow Studio

Site redesign

Fishcow Studio website’s got brand new look. We decided to redesigned our site to look even better than before.

We hope you will like it.